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Beggar's Tunes Sound Equipment

All Beggar's Tunes Sound Equipment is Professional Quality
and mounted in a stand-alone Odyssey Rack Case. My
equipment is regularly checked, serviced, and mantained to

the highest standards to insure a quality performance every time.
Main fnt
1. HP dv7 Notebook w/IntelCore i7 Processor and 750 GB Hard Drive and Sager 5750 DJ Notebook with Intel Core Duo Processor and 500 GB Hard Drive; both utilizing OTS DJ software containing a professional dynamic processor that keeps volume consistent from track to track.  Both systems are connected to the mixers via external sound cards.

2. Speakers:
2 x QSC K12 Powered Speakers and/or 2 x JBL EON 510 Powered Speakers custom designed for DJ applications.  The sound clarity of these speakers is quite amazing!  Exceptional sound and clarity at both low and high volumes.  Elevated on stands to project beyond the people in the front of the venue.
518S Sub

3. JBL 518S Powered Subwoofer
This subwoofer adds incredible punch to the bass sound!
4. Peavey Professional Club Mix Mixer Board  One of the best custom-designed mixers in the business.
5. DBX Drive Rack PA (provides state-of-the-art signal processing for optimal sound) and DBX 266XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate (tightens sound while eliminating hiss/hum in system).

6. 2 x ADJ Copilot II wireless light controllers and 1 Chauvet DMX-40 Intelligent Light Controller(allows for wireless control, computer programming, and timing of all mounted  lights)
7. Aphex 204 Aural Exciter (separates out sound waves for more depth and clarity of sound without increasing the actual volume.  It's not louder sound- it's better sound!)
8. Two Wireless Headset microphones- one for each system. (2 Sennheiser UHF EW-G3 series programmable to insure interference-free channels and the highest quality reception & sound. All microphones are in compliance with the new FCC regulations.)
9. Two Wireless Hand held/Lapel microphones - 2 Sennheiser UHF EW-G3 series wireless programmable mics plus 2 wired AKG type microphones for backup.  A Wireless Sennheiser UHF EW-G2 series Lavalier (Lapel) microphone is used for wedding ceremonies. This nearly invisible omni mic is worn by the officiate and allows your guests to also hear the Bride & Groom.
All microphones are in compliance with the new FCC regulations.

10.  Complete Odyssey slant rack mounted backup system (Can also be used as 2nd System for wedding ceremonies) with either laptop listed above, JBL EON Powered Speakers (listed above),  Rane MP22 Mixer, DBX 266XL GateSennheiser UHF wireless Hand Held Microphone, ADJ Copilot Light Controller,  2 x Sennheiser UHF wireless omni-directional lapel mics.  Brought on site to every event!

Dave Kreider/Beggar's Tunes (303) 669-8821
31792 Lodgepole Drive, Evergreen , CO 80439