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Beggar's Tunes Lighting Equipment
LED Effects

Beggar's Tunes Has Gone Green!

We now use 100% Environmentally Friendly
LED DMX Intelligent Lighting for all our Effects! 
The following Lights & Effects are available for your event:

(Lighting is determined based on the specific requirements and client preferences for each event. Lighting includes the latest in LED DMX Intelligent programmable lighting, including up to 12 lights for uplighting as shown below.)
1. Chauvet LED DMX O-Beast Centerpiece Effects Lighting
This programmable light projects wide beams across the room that move with the music.
mushroom LED
2. Two Chauvet LED DMX Mushroom Lights 
Each of the 2 lights  projects colored light patterns that move to the music.
Starball LED

3. Chauvet LED Star Ball
This is the LED version of a traditional Mirror Ball.  It gives a very calm non-dizzying rotation of white light for slow dances.

4.  Two ADJ LED DMX Revo Roller Scanners
Programmable mirror scanning lights, pan, sweep, and scan a variety of moving patterns and colors along the dance floor. 
5.  Two  ADJ  LED DMX Mega Panels
These lights illuminate the floor and walls in color without blinding your guests and are programmed to change colors to match the other DMX lighting. They can be used for spotlight dances and can also be used independently of the other lights.  Perfect for setting the right mood for your occasion.
6.  ADJ LED DMX Mega Bar
This light works with the Mega Panels above to illuminate the floor and walls and is programmed to change colors to match the other LED DMX lighting.  The wide beam covers a lot of floor space and is perfect for setting the right mood for your occasion.

7. 2 American DJ wireless copilot II light controllers and 1 Chauvet DMX-40 Intelligent Light Controller (allows for automated programming, timing, chasing of all mounted lights listed above along with computerized control of all DMX lighting.)
DJ Lighting Truss
8. All dance lighting is supported by a 10 foot high crank truss system connected by 2 Stands.  The system can securely and safely hold a large number of lighting effects utilizing a 5 foot wide truss.
9.  Uplighting consists of 12 total state-of-the-art unobtrusive wireless lights that are strategically placed around the room to create the desired effect.  The available selection of color combinations for your reception is virtually limitless!  Uplighting is not included in the dance floor lighting but may be added as a separate package.

Uplighting St Vrain 2
Uplighting St. Vrain 1

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