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Beggar's Tunes is proud to offer a written 100% money-back guarantee written into every contract!  If you are not satisfied with my performance, I will refund your money.  It's that simple!
Listed here are some other ideas to consider when choosing your Disc Jockey:

1. Is the person you will hire willing to meet with you prior to and after signing a contract?
Any DJ you consider should be excited at the prospect of meeting with you to discuss and showcase their talents for you! Reluctance to do so may be an indicator of potential future problems. I am a dedicated professional who knows what Beggar's Tunes DJ has to offer and would love to meet with you  to discuss the specifics of customizing a program that helps bring to life your vision for the perfect wedding day!

2. Is the person who meets with you the actual DJ who will be performing at your event? At Beggar's Tunes, you get me- Dave Kreider. I am the person who meets with you and is in communication with you every step of the way from your first contact until the last note is played! 

3. Is the style and personality of your DJ a good fit for your event?
Personality and compatibility is key to the success of your program. You want to like the person that you hire!  He or she should be someone you are comfortable with and trust after meeting them face to face.  Meeting with your DJ allows you to assess their style, level of commitment and professionalism, and avoid personality conflicts down the road.  Many DJ's feel the need to be the center of attention at events, including weddings.  I choose to utilize a more relaxed yet elegant approach; making the important announcements without being pushy, working behind the scenes with your vendors to make sure things run smoothly, and most importantly, making sure your wedding ceremony and reception flow in the direction you desire as a result of careful planning done prior to the event.

4. Does your DJ provide a Contract?
Your DJ should provide a contract (dual copies-one for you, one for him) clearly stating price, policies, and times of performance before receiving any money from you. I provide a sample contract for your evaluation right here for your review.  An official copy that outlines the specifics of your event is later provided upon your decision to use my services.

5. Does your DJ provide References?
It can be somewhat time consuming, but you should always take the time to contact references before making your decision. Upon first contact, I will send you an extensive updated list of references.

6. Does your DJ have liability insurance?
The industry standard is $1,000,000 per event. But don't take a company's word for it- make sure you see a copy of the policy!  Beggar's Tunes DJ insurance policy is a $2,000,000 yearly ($1,000,000 per event) by R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. who specialize in insurance for entertainment professionals.

7. Does your DJ use Professional Equipment?

Your DJ should be able to show you a list of equipment that will be used at your event. It should be Professional equipment for both sound and lights. (If it came from Radioshack it's not professional equipment!)  Beggar's Tunes DJ sound and light equipment is all professional grade, including state-of-the-art digital music, and can be viewed on the sound and light pages on this website. A setup in a second area (common for weddings where the ceremony is outdoors or in a different room from the reception) can be provided as well.

8. Does your DJ Company provide a Backup System?

There are two types of backups: the first is a system that the DJ brings on-site in case something goes wrong with the main system. It should be a system that can be quickly set up if needed.   Beggar's Tunes always brings a rack mounted backup system that needs only to be plugged in and immediately becomes operational for both lights and sound! The second type of backup is another on-call DJ available in the event your DJ should be unable to appear due to illness, accident (on the way to your event), or death. (In over 26 years, I've yet to miss a performance!)  Despite my perfect record, I have made arrangements with numerous multi-op and single-op DJ companies to provide a DJ and backup
equipment in case of emergency. 

9. Does your DJ provide an Event Planner?
Planning in advance is a major key in the success of any structured function. You don't want to be worrying about the details on the day of your event.  A professional Wedding DJ should be willing to sit down and discuss specifics with you and be open to modifying plans as needed by you prior to and during the event. Upon your first contact with me I will send you a complimentary event planning guide that gets you started in the right direction.

10. Does your DJ provide a Music List?
A true pro should be able to provide you with a database of potential musical selections prior to the event. They should have knowledge of the type of music you will desire at your function. Beggar's Tunes DJ music lists are available on-line and at your event.  And if given enough advance notice, I will have any requests for specific song titles ready at your function.  All of Beggar's Tunes DJ music is legally acquired.  While my music list is not regularly updated online, I am adding new titles on a weekly basis and have the full library available at all meetings and events. 

11. Flexibility

Is your DJ open to audience requests? Ask how he or she handles requests and announcements. At Beggar's Tunes DJ, I will take both verbal and written requests during the event and will "read" the audience while sequencing the musical selections. I also receive requests prior to the event via the event planner, phone, or email. While it is helpful to have an idea of the types of announcements prior to the event, I can easily handle any last second requests/changes that come up.  I will also work closely with your photographer(s), caterer(s), venue manager, and any other vendors the day of your event to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

12. Extra Offerings
In addition to music, do you have other entertainment requirements?  One additional item that is frequently added may include a second system setup for your outdoor Wedding Ceremony.  Perhaps you are considering adding Uplighting to enhance your reception.  Many couples add a slide or video presentation to their reception plans as well.  Some people even add karaoke!  All of these services can be provided by Beggar's Tunes at an extremely high quality and very competitive pricing.

13.  Is your DJ familiar with your venue?
While not an overly critical component of a DJ's qualifications for performing at your wedding, it can be helpful to utilize a professional who has worked at your chosen venue in the past.  Click here to see a list of most of the venues I have provided Wedding Services for in the past 26 plus years. You might also ask your venue if they charge vendors to be on their preferred vendors list.  While I am on the preferred list at many Colorado venues, I have never paid for that privilege, but reside there due to the quality of service provided to that venue over the years.

14. Price: How much are you going to be charged? What is included in the price?
There is some truth to the phrase "You get what you pay for". If your Wedding DJ can provide the services offered at Beggar's Tunes for a lower price, then you have most likely gotten a great deal! The reason is that it costs money for advertising, the purchase and maintenance of quality equipment, employees, insurance, vehicles, etc. So there exists a certain lower price level at which you can obtain quality equipment and services. At Beggar's Tunes, I try to operate at the middle of the price spectrum while providing higher end services.  Some companies, due to operating costs, are forced to charge more for comparable services. My point is, you should consider a reasonable range of prices when searching for your Wedding Day DJ. If it seems like too good of a deal, then be careful. Some critical component might be lacking. If it seems too pricey, then perhaps they are offering something extra that other lower priced companies cannot. Check it out carefully and before you sign the contract make sure that you are not paying additional for travel, set up and tear down time, lights, or any other extra charges without knowing about it. At Beggar's Tunes, my price quote will  include all sound equipment.  Uplighting (12 lights) for any wedding can be added for only $200 total cost regardless of the length of the event. In addition, if a second system is needed in a separate area (for example: a Wedding Ceremony), it can be provided as well. I also offer full video presentation system (including backup) should you wish to present a movie or slide show.   Finally, there is never a charge for setup/ teardown time regardless of your location. So consider receiving High-End Professional Services at an affordable price and give Beggar's Tunes DJ a call.

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